Dance Classes at Footworks Dance Company

From your child's first dance class to their graduation performance, FDC offers                   something for everyone!  Check out our amazing class offerings!

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Join us for



Competition Co Auditions -  Saturday, May 7

        Novice/Intermediate age 5 - 13 

        12:15 - 1:45 pm at Footworks Dance Co

        Int/Advanced/Elite age 10 - 19

        9:30 am - 12 pm at Footworks Dance Co

Make-up Day - Thursday May 26

         Novice/Intermediate 4:45 pm

         Int/Adv/Elite - 6:15 pm


See our dances...

The different dance genres...

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Ballet & Pointe

Ballet is a classical dance form with formalized steps.  It employs grace, strength and poise.  It is the foundation for dancers to excel in all dance forms.

Tap Shoes

Tap Dance

Tap dance is a percussive and rhythmic dance style.  It  teaches rhythm, musicality and style essential for ALL dancers.

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Jazz & Pom 'n Dance

Jazz is a fun, energetic and (many times) fast paced dance form.  Dancers will learn turns, leaps, jumps, flexibility and dance progressions.

Pom and Dance will work on similar skills in a precision based class with poms.  

Performing Handstand


Acrobatics is an artistic art form that incorporates dance and tumbling.  Flexibility, agility and gymnastics moves are performed.

Modern Dance Group

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fresh and upbeat dance style that can be applied to other styles.  It is a street-style dance that has evolved from hip hop culture.

Modern Dance

Lyrical & Contemporary & Modern

Lyrical is a beautiful dance style that tells the story of the music.  Contemporary dance blends the styles of lyrical, modern and jazz.  Modern dance is an free and expressive style that challenges the structured techniques of ballet.



Ages 2 - 6



Ages 6 - 19



Ages 5 - 19