Enrichment Classes

Ages 6 & up 


Footworks Dance Company offers a wide variety of Class Enrichment options.  Enrichment classes are recreational, meaning they are non-competitive, while still offering great technical training from our exceptional staff of instructors.  Our classes are a graded program, therefor,  we build on skills from one level to the next and teach a specific skills list appropriate for each level.  Skill mastery of your current level of dance is required before moving to the next level.  Focus is placed on technical skill mastery in each dance level.  This program is an awesome choice for "ALL" dance enthusiasts, especially for those with outside extracurricular interests.  Our graded program has 6 levels.  Dancers usually spend a couple years at each level, to achieve full mastery, however we will focus on each dancer individually.  We invite you to join in fun, friends and dance in the FDC Enrichment Program! 


Jazz I/Hoppers - ages 5 - 8

Level IV & V & VI is available in our competitive program


Tap I & II  - Ages 6 & up

Tap  II & III - Ages 11 & up

Level IV &  V & VI is available in our competitive program


Acro I - Ages 6 & up

Acro I & II - ages 8 & up

Acro III & IV - open

Acro IV & V - open


Ballet I(a) - Ages 6 & up

Ballet I(b) & II & III- Ages 9 & up

Ballet II - 7 & up

Ballet III - open

Ballet IV/V - open

Ballet V/VI - open

Lyrical & Jazz Combination Class (level I, II, III)   

Ages 7 & up (level I & II)

11 & up (level II & III)

Hip Hop (all levels)  

Ages 7 & up 

Pom & Dance (all levels)

Ages 6 & up

Pointe (ages 12 & Up) (ballet is recommended for all pointe dancers)

Pointe I & II (age 12 & up)/Pre Pointe (age 11 & up)

Pointe III  (age 13 & up)(an additional ballet class is required of these dancers)

Pointe IV  (open) (an additional ballet class is required of these dancers)

Technique Classes 

(these classes are great for our any dancer wishing to improve their technical abilities, especially great for our competitors - these classes do not perform in our annual recital - the focus is on technique and skills progression only)

Open Acro - 

Technique - Turns, Leaps, Jumps, Technique, strength & stretch - Ages 7 & up

Technique - Turns, Leaps, Jumps, Technique, strength & stretch - Ages 13 & up