Enrichment Classes

Ages 6 & up 


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Welcome to our Enrichment Dance Program.  Footworks Dance Company offers a wide variety of class options for ages 6 - 19.  Enrichment classes are recreational, meaning they are non-competitive, while still offering the same great technical training from our exceptional staff of instructors.  Our classes are a graded program, therefor,  we build on skills from one level to the next.  We teach a specific skillset at each level of dance or tumbling.  This program is an awesome choice for "ALL" dance enthusiasts.  If you are looking to build your technique, upgrade your performance skills or find a fun social circle of friends in a creative and athletic outlet, this is a perfect choice.  You can learn a variety of dance styles or just take 1 class.   Our program is terrific for pom and dance team dancers and future dancers.  Our program is  also a great enhancement to those involved in theatrical programs at school.  Our graded program has 6 levels (plus our shooting stars level) and dancers usually spend a couple of years at each level in order to achieve full mastery of the level.   We invite you to join us in fun, friends and dance in the FDC Enrichment Program! 

Level descriptions

Shooting Stars Levels A & B - For Primary Level and Beginner dancers ages 2 - 7


Level 1 - Beginner/Novice Dancers ages 6 & up 

Level 2 - Progressing Beginners & Intermediate Dancers

Level 3 - Intermediate Dancers

Level 4 - Progressing Intermediates and Advanced Dancers

Level 5 - Advanced and Elite Dancers

Level 6 - Elite & Pre Professional Dancers 16 & up

* see the instructor/director for a class placement test or the front desk for a list of pre-requisite skills 

* the classes are color coded for level on the 2021/2022 schedule

Class Attire:  Leotard or Sports Bra and Dance Shorts (in Black, Pink or Purple), tights & ballet skirts are optional; proper shoes for the class are required; hair neatly secured up (hip hop and tap dancers can wear jazz pants).  

Shoes:  Jazz/Lyrical (Foot Under to start - see teacher (may need jazz boots also); Acrobatics (Bare Feet); Ballet Arts & Ballet I (Pink Ballet Shoes - leather or canvas); Hip Hop/Jazz Funk & Jazzy Hip Hop black jazz boots; Pom - black jazz boot; Tap - Black Tap Shoes

* Level 3 and 4 ballet dancers will need the Gail Grant Ballet Dictionary available from Footworks or online sources.

* Level 2 Ballet dancers will need a notebook for class with a pen/pencil

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