Shooting Stars (ages 2 - 7)

Welcome to our adorable Shooting Stars program.  This fun program is designed for the young dance enthusiast.  We will build a starting foundation of dance skills, along with a love for the art of dance.  Our teachers encourage  dancers with praise, encouragement and love.   Class curriculum, music and costuming are age appropriate.   Footworks has an experienced staff of instructors who love this exciting age of dancers.  We have teachers on staff with degrees in early childhood and education, along with teachers with extensive & specialized dance training for pre-schoolers.  Students will thrive in the Footworks Shooting Stars program as they work on a variety skills that will exceed far beyond the classroom.   These skills include:  Locomotive Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Non-Motive skills, Cognitive Development, Language Development and Social Skills.  The Footworks Shooting Stars program is an excellent way to make friends, build self esteem, promote a healthy lifestyle, be creative and share the love of dance.  For a complete list of shoe, leotard and accessory requirements, please click on your child's age below.  Our fall winter session cumulates with a fun recital on stage, complete with lighting and staging, where every young dancer will showcase their STAR qualities.  Come make your dance dreams come true in our Shooting Stars program!  All classes have limited enrollment.

Intro to Dance

Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical

Pre-ballet & Pre-tap I

Mon 5:30
age 4 - 6

Pre-Ballet I

1 spot available

Pre-ballet & Pre-tap II

see acro 1/2

Tumbling & Acrobatics

Class Attire:  Tiny Toes (Pink, purple, black Leotard); Tippy Tappy Toes (Pink, purple, black Leotard); Bunheads (pink, purple, blackleotard); tappers and tutus (lavender/purple, pink, black leotard); twisted tumblers (pink/purple, black  leotard); Twinklers (lavender/purple, pink or black leotard); All - tights and ballet skirts acceptable; hair secured up; proper dance shoes required

Shoes:  Tiny Toes (pink ballet shoes); Tippy Tappy Toes (pink ballet shoes and black strap tap shoes); Bunheads (pink ballet shoes); tappers and tutus (pink ballet shoes and black strap tap shoes); twisted tumblers (barefoot - accessory acro bag recommended); Twinklers (lyrical undeez, pink ballet shoes and (black strap tap shoes or tan/black jazz boots - see instructor) )