About FOOTWORKS Dance Co

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Our Staff:  

Kim Mader

Owner, Instructor & Director
CPR Certified

Michelle Jansen

Instructor, Bus Development, Asst Director
CPR Certified

Nicole Leitermann

CPR Certified

Megan Jansen

Instructor, Art Development, Asst Dir.
CPR Certified

Brittany Schroeder


Jen Hebbe

CPR Certified

Terri Smith

Administration, Accounts & Instructor
CPR Certified

Paige Jansen

Instructor & Consultant
CPR Certified

Aubree Leitermann

CPR Certified

Allyssa Hoffman

Administration & Payroll

Tiahna Smith


Footworks has well-trained staff.   We are committed to excellence in dance and teaching.  Here is a bit about our training:  


Miss Kim has a degree in Accounting and is a member of the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters and Dance Masters of Wisconsin.  Miss Michelle has a degree in business/marketing and is earning credits with the the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters.  Miss Megan has 2 bachelor's degrees in Dance and Psychology. Miss Nicole has a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Miss Jen has a degree in Education and is earning credits with the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters.  Miss Paige is a semester away from a degree in psychology.  Miss Brittany is earning credits with the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters.  Miss Terri has many years of business management experience, along with first aid and CPR experience.   Miss Aubree and Miss Tiahna, along with all of our instructors, have attended many conventions in dance, education and early childhood, in order to bring you a comprehensive dance education experience.  Many of our instructors have been recognized regionally and nationally during their years as a competitor.  Miss Michelle has been awarded merit scholarships for her dance abilities through CNADM and Miss Megan was named both the freshman and senior "Outstanding Dancer" with her college dance program and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Many of our instructors have won awards for best choreography and the studio has won awards for being the the "Studio of the Year" and awards such as the "Studio Excellence Award" due to our amazing staff commitments, knowledge and training.  Our instructors complete our own FDC in house youth protection training each season to ensure our dancers at Footworks are protected all-around - mind and body.  Footworks is committed to protecting our youth with proven methods and research.   We also have an in-house training program for student mentors wishing to train for a future career as an assistant and as a future dance teacher (this is also good training for any future job, to be honest).  

Mission Statement

"It is our mission to provide individualized attention and to share great dancing, while building character and confidence in our dancers.  We strive to teach life virtues that students can take with them for a lifetime, and we wish to empower our youth, to become leaders in all areas of their lives, with pride, integrity and confidence in themselves. Our teachers are excited to share the joy of dance with you!"