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About FOOTWORKS Dance Co

Staff, Assistants and Volunteers:  

Kim Mader

Michelle Jansen

Terri Smith

Megan Jansen

Jen Hebbe

Paige Jansen

Tiahna Smith

Allyssa Hoffman

Tatyana Pouchert


Student Mentors and Assistants:



Kahlie Muntner


Mission Statement

"It is our mission to provide individualized attention and to teach great dancing, while building character and confidence in our dancers.  We strive to teach life virtues that students can take with them for a lifetime, and we wish to empower our youth, to become leaders in all areas of their lives, with integrity, passion and confidence in themselves. Our teachers are excited to share the joy of dance with you!"

Footworks has well-trained staff.   We are committed to excellence in dance instruction.  Here is a bit about our us:  


Miss Kim began dancing at the age of 4 from her uncle.  As a student, she excelled in dance and in high school was the captain at her dance studio along with being the captain of her cheerleading team.  Even as a student, she attended dance conventions where she gained valuable skills and knowledge. After high school,  Miss Kim received a degree in Accounting and took dance exams to became a member of the prestigious "Chicago National Association of Dance Masters" and "Dance Masters of Wisconsin".  Miss Kim is also licensed in the State of Wisconsin as a Substitute School Teacher.   She has gone on to lead her students to national championships.  She is most proud of the life skills and self-confidence her students learn in their classes.  She has earned awards such as "Teacher of the Year" and "Best Choreography" on numerous occasions.  She wishes to empower the youth of this community to become the "Leaders of Tomorrow".  


Miss Michelle has been dancing since the age of 3 and has a degree in business/marketing.  Currently she is continuing her dance training by earning credits with the the "Chicago National Association of Dance Masters".  She loves working with students of all ages and sharing the joy of dance and life with her dancers.  She was an accomplished and top award-winning competitor, along with the recipient of convention scholarships for her dancing.  
She has won awards such as "Best Choreography" and has led many dancers to top placements at competitions.  


Miss Megan has been dancing since the age of 2 and has earned 2 bachelor's degrees in Dance and Psychology.  She graduated at the top of her class with Summa Cum Laude status in both. She loves to push her students to their maximum potential with great technique and movement quality.  She was an accomplished and top award-winning competitor.  In college, she received top dance awards and scholarships for her dance abilities.  She has gone on to lead her dancers to top placements and has won awards such as "Best Choreography".  

Miss Jen is a former student of Miss Kim's and a former competitor herself.  Miss Jen has a degree in Education and teaches at a school locally.  She is currently earning credits with the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters.  She loves to teach amazing new dance skills to her students and she loves being a role-model to dancers of all ages and skill levels.  She enjoys challenging her dancers to become the best they can be, inside and out.  


Miss Paige has been dancing since the age of 2 and has received numerous awards and top placements as a competitor, herself.  Miss Paige has a degree in psychology, graduating with highest honors from UW LaCrosse.  She has received awards such as "Best Choreography".  She wishes to instill a love for dance, along with teaching exceptional movement quality, dance skills and promoting character and confidence.  


Miss Terri has been instrumental in Footworks administration processes.  She comes to us with many years of business management experience and teaching experience, along with first aid and CPR training.  She is a local EMS responder and her giving character is apparent in all she does at Footworks.  She is here for you every step of the way.  She wishes to help the students of FDC become the best they can be and loves teaching her students dance.  

Miss Tatyana has been dancing since she can remember.  She is a former Footworks Competitive Dancer .  She has attended numerous conventions and workshops during her dance training.  She has also been awarded numerous recognitions and top placements herself and is a national champion. She loves to help her students find joy and passion in their performances while giving them the technical skills needed to become the best dancer they can be.  She has much experience working with children and dancers of all ages.  Tatyana has a passion for working with children and we welcome her back to Footworks!

Miss Tiahna has been dancing since the age of 1 and has attended many conventions in dance, in order to bring you a comprehensive dance education experience.  She was a former student mentor at Footworks and now she has stepped into a lead instructor role.  She loves working with students of all ages and levels of dance and wishes to bring you joy in your dance experience.  She is an accomplished and award-winning competitor, where she and her teams have won numerous top awards.   

Miss Kahlie has been dancing at Footworks since she has been pre-school age.  She is currently a member of our Senior Platinum Competitive Company.  She is an accomplished dancer in many genres and is an award-winning competitor.  She has attended many conventions in dance, in order to bring you a comprehensive dance education experience.  She is a former Footworks Student Mentor who has stepped into a lead instructor role.  She loves working with students of all ages and levels of dances and wishes to bring you joy in your dance experience.  


Because of the amazing staff at Footworks, we have won awards such as "Studio of the Year", the "Studio Excellence Award"  and "Video of the Year".   Our instructors complete our own FDC in house youth protection training each season to ensure our dancers at Footworks are protected all-around - in mind and body.  Footworks is committed to protecting our youth and promoting youth protections in the community.   We are committed to bringing you an amazing dance experience and building each dancers self-confidence, to become the "leaders of tomorrow". 

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