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Competition Companies


Footworks Dance Company has a national award winning competition program.   Our goal is to promote team spirit, learn life virtues and to improve dance and performance skills.  We aim to celebrate each dancers strengths and talents and strive to help each dancer become the best they can be.   We believe that the true value of a dancer in not found in a trophy, but rather within themselves.  We aim to train dancers far beyond athleticism, to dancers filled with creativity, intelligence, artistic freedom, leadership skills, mindfulness and self-confidence.


FDC Competition Company Options:  

* Twinklers - Age 4 - 9

* Starz Competition Troupe - Age 9 - 18

* FDC Premiere Company - Age 8 - 19

WHY CHOOSE A COMPETITION COMPANY? The benefits of competitive dance, go far beyond learning dance skills and winning trophies.  Lifelong friendships are created through competition dance, along with valuable and positive socializing with dance friends.  The values of teamwork, hard work, being a reliant team member and self respect are created.   Dancers learn to trust and depend on one another.   Self-confidence, poise and respect, are other life lessons dancers can take with them for a lifetime, far beyond their dance classes.  The FDC company instructors come to you with many years of successful dance education experience.  Our highly trained instructors have degrees in fields such as dance, business/accounting, psychology and teaching, along with being part of the the prestigious "Chicago National Association of Dance Masters", "Dance Masters of Wisconsin".

We incorporate ballet into every competitors training.  FDC feels that ballet is the most important genre a dancer can take.  It is at the core of achieving great technique.  Ballet trains the body in proper placements of the body, correct landings of jumps/leaps, correct preparations of skills, incorporates proper flexibility exercises at a healthy pace and provides the best technique training of turns and other dance skills. Dancers with ballet training, experience the safest training progression for their bodies (short and long term) and have less injuries.  FDC also offers technique class(es) for jazz skills, jumps, leaps, turns, tricks and improvisational dancing along with improving strength, control and flexibility.


We have received numerous regional and national recognitions, including being honored for best choreography, teacher of the year, FDC people’s choice, Industry Dance Awards, Video of the Year, Most Entertaining Act, Best Costume, Top Elite Studio, Top Starz of Tomorrow Studio, Several National Championships and the Studio Excellence Award, among many more.    We are National Champions for the years of 2015, 2020 and 2022 along with being National Champion Runner Ups for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

Company dancers compete regional competitions in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota, with most competitions being held in Wisconsin.  We also compete in a national competition in June or July (location to be determined, but usually in Wisconsin).  We attend well-respected competitions that travel across the USA each year.  Industry dance leaders will judge them and offer helpful and positive critiques to help them become the best dancer they can be.   WE HAVE TEAMS for many interests and commitment levels. You can expect most your competition classes to be on Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings.Enrichment Academy classes may be offered on Wednesday evenings, well.   We welcome dancers from school dance teams into our enrichment and competition team programs and (with advanced notice) will work with you to create a schedule that works for you during the weekdays.  For busy families, we try to keep most of our classes on the weekdays. leaving you more family time on the weekends.  






Our Company Audition (for our 2023/2024 teams) is being held on May 23, 2023.  Feel free to call or message us for more information or with questions.  To register for auditions, simply click  on the registration link for Competition Company Audition Registration.  There is no fee to audition.  Auditions will run from 4 - 9:30 pm, with each age bracket being assigned a specific time.  

Twinklers - Age 4 -9
Our "Twinklers Program"  is a terrific program for the young dancer wishing to get their feet wet in dance competitions (age 4 - 9).  We will teach the value of teamwork, promote self-confidence and work to train dancers in stage performance and dance skills.  Our team aims to create memories that will last a lifetime as well as train well-rounded dancers. Dancers will be given opportunities to learn the 3 staples in dance: tap, jazz and ballet, along with lyrical.  Our enrichment program also provides classes in acrobatics, where dancers can work on their tumbling skills.  We will provide fun, "age appropriate" routines.  These teams are for young dancers with a love for dance, who want to grow and progress.  We want to set our dancer's up to be successful in their competition journey from the start.  They will compete at highly respected competitions in front of industry leaders as their judges.   FDC competition dance provides wonderful experiences and takes your dancing to the next level.   A fun summer dance class, of their choice, is required for Twinklers. Watch your dancer shine on stage and see their confidence grow in our Twinklers Competition Dance program.  Minimal previous training is required to be on a Twinklers Team.  



- Ages 4 - 5 

- Dancers take 1 lyrical class each week and learn a dance for competitions & recital

- Dancers take 1 non-competitive Ballet 1, Bunheads or Tappers & Tutus Class each week

- Dancers Attend 2 regional competitions and a possible nationals in Wisconsin

- Optional enrichment academy (non-competitive) classes are offered in jazzy hip hop, tappers & tutus, twisted tumblers, bunheads & tap

- 1 summer class or camp required

TWINKLER company - 

- Ages 6 - 9

- Dancers take 1 Lyrical class and 1 Tap Class each week and learn a dance for competitions and recital

- Dancers take 1 non-competitive Ballet 1, 2 or 3 Class

- Upon audition, select dancers may be invited to participate in an optional competition jazz class, solo dance or duet/trio

- Dancers attend 2 - 3 regional competitions and a national competition in Wisconsin

- Optional enrichment academy classes are available in tap, jazzy hip hop, jazz funk, ballet, lyrical and acrobatics  

- 1 summer class or camp required



Starz Competition Troupe

-  Ages 9 - 18  

-  Dancers will take 1 Lyrical class each week and learn a dance for competitions and recital

-  Dancers will take 1 non-competitive Ballet 2, 3, 4 or 5 Class in our Enrichment Academy

- Select dancers (upon auditions) may be selected to participate in 1 - 2 optional additional competition companies (tap or jazz)

- Select dancers (upon audition) may be approved to participate in either a solo or a duet (optional)

-  Dancers Attend 2 - 3 regional competitions and a nationals in Wisconsin

- Optional enrichment academy classes classes are available in tap, jazz funk, ballet, lyrical, acrobatics, technique and pointe 

1 summer class or camp required

This is a great introductory team for dancers wishing to get started in competition dance or for dancers loving the competition world, but who would like a little less time commitment.  This is an amazing team that provides the best of both worlds.  Competition dance takes your dancing to the next level and offers a fun dance experience in a team environment.   One summer technique class, acrobatics class or camp is required for Starz Troupe dancers.  This is an amazing opportunity for dancers age 9 - 16.  

Premiere Company​

Ages 8- 19

- ALL Premiere Dancers take 1 Lyrical competition group class and 1 Jazz group competition class for competitions and recital

- All Premiere Dancers will take at least 1 or 2 additional competition company group classes in either tap and/or performance company (performance genre of teachers choice) - for competition and recital (Premiere Fees Start at Tier 3 Tuition)

- Upon audition, select Premiere Co dancers may be invited to participate in an optional hip hop co,  modern co, solo and/or duet (see audition information)

- Dancers will take 1 non-competitive Enrichment Ballet 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6  class


- These dancers will attend 3 - 4 regional competitions and 1 national competition

- A technique class is highly recommended but not required for dancers age 12 & under in our premiere company (premiere dancers age 12 & up will be required to take a technique class)

- Premiere dancers age 12 & up will take 1 SUMMER CAMP - OR

Premiere dancers age 8 - 11 will take either a summer class or a summer camp

- Premiere dancers are highly recommended to attend a convention but not required

FDC Elite Company

Ages 11 - 19

- ALL FDC Elite dancers take 1 Lyrical competition class and 1 Jazz competition class for competitions and recital

- All FDC Elite Dancers will take performance company (genre of teachers choice) for competition and recital

- Upon audition, select FDC Elite dancers may be invited to participate in competition dances in these possible genres:  modern co, hip hop co, tap co or our enrichment academy pointe class.  FDC Dancers will be required to choose at least 2 - 4 addition genres of choice.  

- Dancers in the FDC Elite Company are automatically approved for a solo.  Dancers in FDC Elite may be approved for a duet based on availability.

- Dancers will take 1 non-competitive Enrichment Ballet 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6  class


- These dancers will attend  about 4 regional competitions and 1 national competition (select groups, solos and duets on our FDC Elite Company may be given opportunities to attend additional competitions)

 - dancers should expect a few additional practices in August or an occasional weekend rehearsal

- 1 - 3 technique classes will be taken each week

- FDC Elite dancers age 12 & up will take 1 SUMMER CAMP -

FDC Elite dancers age 8 - 11 will take either a summer class in June or the summer camp

- FDC Elite Company dancers age 12 & up will attend at least 1 convention each season (cost TBD)

FDC ELITE  - is designed for dancers with a high level of dance commitment. These dancers take their training and team seriously and wish to grow their talent and performance skills in a positive and hard-working environment. They will work to their fullest potential each week. These dancers will be committed to a higher level of dance training and compete with several group routines.  These teams are for dancers who love dance and are ready to expand their training and skills even more.  If you are a serious competitor with a drive for dance excellence, this is the team for you.   

About our Competition Program

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Company Auditions are May 23 - Come Join Us!

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