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Footworks Dance Company has a national award winning competition program.   We have received numerous regional and national recognitions.  We have been honored for best choreography, teacher of the year, FDC people’s choice, Industry Dance Awards, Video of the Year and the Studio Excellence Awards, among many more.    We are the Senior Rising Star National Grand Champions of 2015 and  National Grand Champion Runner Ups for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.  

Company dancers compete in regional competitions in Wisconsin (in places like Green Bay, Milwaukee or Madison), and the midwest (primarily the Chicago area or Minnesota).       WE HAVE TEAMS for many interests and commitment levels.    Footworks also competes at a national competition each season.  

Our "Twinklers Program" is a terrific program for the young dance competitor (age 4 - 9).  We will teach the value of teamwork and work to train dancers in stage performance.  We will also provide fun "age appropriate" routines.  Dancers will compete with a lyrical dance and a Jazz  dance.  This program also incorporates ballet (most dancers will be enrolled in ballet 1, however if a 5 year old is interested in taking tap, they can be enrolled in the tappers and tutus class instead)(tap is available for 6 and up in our enrichment program and competitively as dancers get older).  We want to set our dancer's up to be successful in their competition and dance journey from the start.  Watch your dancer shine on stage and see their confidence grow in our Twinklers Competition Dance program.  Dancers in this program are required to have previous experience in dance but no audition will be required.  If you do not have previous dance training, a private audition would be required.  Twinklers should plan to attend 2 to 4 competitions each season.

Our "premiere" company teams (for ages 8 - 19) are designed for boys and girls who want to take their dance training to the next level. These teams are by audition.  These dancers will be committed to a higher level of dance training.  These dancers will compete in several group routines in the genres of jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, modern and/or hip hop.   All dancers will also participate in our ballet program.  Please call the studio for audition information (920-423-7166), or fill out an audition registration form on our website.  Our Premier Company attends 3 to 5 regional competitions and 1 national competition.  Most teams compete in the Wisconsin, Chicago and Minnesota area, however,  select teams may be selected as traveling teams, based on team interest.

New this season, our sparkle Co.  This program is designed for the competitor who wants to compete with 1 genre.  They will also participate in a technique class and a ballet class each week.  They will also participate in 1 enrichment class each week of Jazz, lyrical or tap.  They will attend

2 - 4 competitions each season within about  2 to 3 hours of home.  No audition is required for dancers with previous dance class experience.  They will compete with a jazz, lyrical or tap routine,  at the instructors discretion.  This group is for ages 9 and up.  

Specialty Teams:

Tap Company - by audition only

Hip Hop Company - by audition only

* see the director for primary focus requirements

We are not out to beat anyone; we are out to promote team spirit and motivate our dancers by exposing them to high caliber talent.  We work to produce dancers who are the best they can be!  The value of a dancer in not found in a trophy, but rather within themselves.  

A unique tuition option at Footworks Dance Company, is our unlimited tuition rate option.   This is great for our competitors.   This includes:  One easy tuition rate, class savings, as many group classes as you chose in our competition or enrichment programs, unlimited ballet classes,  4 ½ hours/season of private (or semi private)  instruction (upon availability) and more.   
Why Choose a Company? The benefits of competitive dance, go far beyond learning dance skills and winning trophies.  Lifelong friendships are created through competition and socializing with dance friends.  The value of teamwork and hard work is created.   Dancers learn to trust and depend on one another as well as being a reliable person themselves.   Self confidence, poise and respect, are other life lessons dancers can take with them for a lifetime, far beyond their dance classes.  
We welcome new dancers! We are always looking to expand our team with amazing dancers wishing to explore their full dance potential.   Please call our studio to arrange an opportunity to see if Footworks is a good fit for you or for more information on auditions.  
Come experience the joy of dance and take your dance skills to the next level on one of our amazing teams. 

Upon accepting a team, a down payment will be due and tuition payment options are available.  

Competition and Costume fees will be due:  please refer to your fee charts for amounts and due dates

Specific shoes will be required.  It is required that all competitors have a black sports bra, black leotard, black dance shorts and nude undergarments (to be brought to competition if any unforeseen circumstances occur)(they can also be worn to regular classes).  Earrings will be required.  Tights may be required for some classes.  Please check our front desk for shoe requirements.

Company Lead Instructors 2020

Ms Kim, Mis Megan, Ms Michelle, Ms Paige, Ms Jen

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