Age 6 

Ages 5 - 8

Tues 5:00


Can a dancer take more than one class and is there a discount?


Absolutely.  We offer a 5% discount on the 2nd class and a 10% discount on additional enrichment and shooting stars classes.


Ages 5 - 8

Footworks has a national award winning competition company and we offer this amazing experience to our young dancers wishing to take their dancing to the next level.  Experience the love and joy of dance in a competition company.  We are looking for dancers to take the stage with Footworks this coming season.  

Dancers will learn a lyrical dance for competition as well as a ballet dance and jazz/tap dance for our recital performance.  This team will have the option to compete with jazz (TBD).  This is a terrific opportunity for our dancers to get their feet wet in the competition world.  We compete in Wisconsin, mostly within 1/2 to 2 hours from Appleton and attend 2 regional competitions.  

Dancers will need leotards (purple) for class and a prop bag (available at the studio).  Costume fees will be due September 30.  Dancers will need 3 costumes (fees TBD).   

Twisted Tumbler 4 - 7

Flip, Roll, Split, Balance and more! Your child will love this exciting class.  Basic tumbling skills, passes and dance moves will be explored in this class.   Friends and flipping fun is to be expected in tumble bugs.      30 minutes

requirements for class: 

girls: leotard (pink/purple) & Prop Bag (available at Footworks)

boys:  black exercise pants or jogging pants and T-shirt & Prop Bag (available at Footworks)

Costume fees wil be due Sept 30 $69.99

Jazzy with Hip Hop age 6 - 8

Welcome to Jazz and Hip Hop. This class is super fun and full of funk.   Leaps, turns, jumps and basic jazz progressions will be explored.  This class will also introduce dancers to jazz funk and hip hop skills.  Expect fun music and a fun dance class! Get moving in Jazz/Hip Hop.

30 minutes

requirements for class: 

girls: leotard, athletic shirt or sports bra (black, pink or purple) with black dance shorts or leggings or footless tights.

(shoes TBD after first class - come to first classes bare-feet) 

boys:  black exercise pants or jogging pants and black jazz boots

Costume fees wil be due Sept 30 $75

Ballet I ages 6 & up

Level I Ballet is part of our graded ballet program.  Explore the ballet positions, allegro and adagio for the entry level ballet dancer.  Learn balance and strength.  Learn to love this classical art form and feel great about your accomplishments.  We will also work on mastering basic terminology with students.  Get poised for Ballet I.

40 minutes

requirements for class: 

girls: leotard (black, pink, purple) and pink leather/canvas ballet shoes.  Tights recommended.  Accessories available at the studio.  

boys:  black exercise pants or jogging pants and T-shirt & black ballet shoes 

Costume fees wil be due Sept 30 $75

Tap Dance Ages 6 - 10

Move into our graded Tap Dance program.  This program is a fun extension of our tap program.  More skills and rhythms will be introduced.  We will introduce basic time steps and sound patterns and have fun learning the percussive tap beats with our feet.       


requirements for class: 

girls: leotard, sports bra or exercise top (pink, black, purple) with dance shorts or leggings.  

boys:  black exercise pants or jogging pants and T-shirt 

Costume fees wil be due Sept 30 $75