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Policies & Pricing

1.  * THE FALL SEASON runs from the first day of class in September (the week following Labor Day) to the spring recital date (typically in mid-May) for fall enrichment classes.

    * COMPETITION COMPANY SEASON runs from August thru July with fall and summer classes required.

    * Summer Classes and camps run in June, July and August 

2.  ALL payments are non-refundable 


3.  An Annual membership/registration fee of $30 will be charged/billed for each student when registering for the fall session ($40 family registration fee); the fee is due to hold your place in class. Please make your $30 (or $40) payment in the portal when you register.  


(our annual membership/registration fee includes: holding your place in class, registration services, a fall welcome packet, priority registration for upcoming classes & camps, transfer classes for free, special studio events throughout the season

          *  registration fees are not applicable in the summer

          *  no costume fees are due during the summer session

4.  You may choose to pay tuition in full at the beginning of the season or session with cash, check or credit card.  All other payment options will be done by automatic payment, according to the payment option chosen/available.  Automatic payment will be made to the card on file.  Remember to periodically update your payment on file with any changes.  


          * monthly payments in the fall session are due the first week of every month by auto pay only - a service fee is assessed to all auto payments

          * summer tuition and camps are due in full at the time of registration/before the 1st day of class

          * After you register, you may make a payment on-line to secure your place in class.  We recommend paying the registration fee or registration                 fee plus first tuition payment due.  The first tuition payment will be due on or before your first class.  If it has not been paid by the first class, it             will automatically be charged to the card on file during this week and set up on the monthly payer option.

5.  You are registering for the session dates listed.  In the event of a serious medical condition accompanied by a medical doctor's note, you may be offered special classes or a credit for future classes, under the director's approval only.  All payments are non-refundable and tuition is billed by the session rates only.  If you need to withdraw from a class for any reason, a 30 day written notice is required.

6.  The studio reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. If the planned enrollment requirement is not met, the class may be cancelled and the staff will work with students to find an alternate class option.  In this event only, if another class is not made available to you, fees would be refunded.  

7.  All payments must be made in a timely manner.  A $25 late fee is automatically assessed to all accounts not up to date each month. Students may be suspended from class until such time that the account is brought up to date.  

8.  A $30 charge is applied to all returned checks/NSF checks.

9.  All accounts must be paid in full prior to the recital and any remaining fees left on the the account will automatically be charged to the card on file during the first week of May.  If you are a competitor, all accounts must be up to date at the time of competitions, or dancers will not be allowed to compete.

10.  Upon registration, you are agreeing to our policies. Please read our handbook and etiquette for detailed policy information.

11.  RECITAL:  $20 - $25 recital T-shirt fee may be due for the opening number  


12.  RECITAL TICKETS will be sold in the month preceding the show - NOTE:  dancers are to remain backstage for the entire show (for safety reasons)

13.  Footworks cancels classes when the Kimberly School District closes school early or cancels school due to inclement weather (when such an event occurs, please look to take one of our online video recorded classes (video links are in your welcome packet).  

14.  Please stop by our front desk on the designated week to choose your dancer's costume size.  We recommend measuring loosely and ordering based on your dancer's largest measurement.  In most circumstances, a new costume cannot be ordered, based on the delivery time and availability.  If you would like to order a new size, given one is in stock, please note that costume companies do not refund (all costume sales are final).  In this circumstance, you would owe for an additional costume plus any shipping.   

15.  We offer immediate family discount (1st dancer 0%, 2nd dancer 5%, 3rd dancer 10 %, 4th dancer 15%, 5th dancer 20%).  We offer multi class discount within our enrichment program (per dancer - 1st class 0%, 2nd class 5%, 3rd class 10%, 4th class 15%, 5th class 20%).  If you are an active or retired military veteran, we offer a discount on tuition.  Please let us know upon registering and we will adjust your account.  


Due in September on the designated date.

Please stop by our desk to verify your costume sizing.



TAPPERS/TUTUS (2 in 1 costume):  $80 - $89




* Additional fees are assessed for XL child and XL adult sizes

* Costumes are meant to fit snuggly (if your child has any tactile issues, you may want to consider ordering a larger size).  

*  Minor Costume alterations can be expected and are the responsibility of the dancer

*  We recommend ordering the costume based on the largest measurement and we recommend measuring loosely

*  Parents are to confirm the costume size desired in September with the front desk (otherwise we order based on the largest measurement)

*  Remember to consider that costumes are sized in September, but the recital is in May and the dancer may grow or change sizes


Competition entry fees and media fees will be due in accordance with your team requirements on the designated dates. Fees can vary depending on the competition, but in the past group fees have been around $65 to $80 per group per competition (national fees are slightly higher) . Media fees have been around $25 - $45 per competition per family. THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE TO ENRICHMENT ACADEMY, BALLET ARTS OR SHOOTING STARS CLASSES.   Competition fees that are late, will be subject to late fees.  If a solo/duet fee is not paid 40 days prior to the competition, the dancer may not be registered for the competition and may be suspended from the team until the account is up to date..


FULL (pay upon registering or before the first week of classes) - cash, check or credit card - this is the best rate option

SEMESTER (1/2 due on or before the first week of classes)  and  (1/2 due the week of Jan 1 by auto pay) - service fee of $10 for auto pay will be applied 

MONTHLY AUTO PAY - automatically charged to the card on file once per month (9 payments will be due during the months of Sept - May

(upon initial fall registration, your portal will show a balance of the discounted full tuition rate option, if you choose to pay by the monthly auto pay option or semester, your rate will be adjusted after the first week of classes to reflect the regular rate option you have chosen).  We will automatically do this after the first week of classes if you have not made a full tuition payment.

2024 Fall Tuition Guide

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