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Age 7

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​​Jazzy Hip Hop

Ages 5 - 8

This is a super fun and upbeat class for ages5 - 8 years old.  This class has quickly grown into a FDC Favorite.  Learn the basics of jazz and hip hop with turns, leaps, pops and locks. Dancers will need slip on black jazz shoes.​​  This is a 30 minute class.




Mini Competition Troupe 

Ages 5 - 9

Footworks is proud to offer this competition troupe to dancers age 5 - 9 years old.  Dancers will take a competition lyrical class, a competition tap class and an enrichment ballet class as a Twinkler. This is a terrific way to let your dancer move to the next level within a fun and age appropriate competition environment. Dancers learn team spirit and gain valuable performance skills.  Dancers should order their tap and lyrical shoes from the studio to ensure everyone matches.  Dancers will also need pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.​​​  




Age 6 & up

Ballet Level 1, then Ballet Level 2,  are the first level of our graded enrichment ballet academy.  Learn technique, poise, balance and strength within our classical ballet program, along with terminology.  We believe ballet provides the strongest foundation for dance and we recommend ALL dancers take ballet. Ballet trains the body to safely perform dance moves with proper technique at a safe pace. Ballet 1 is a great option to begin your classical ballet dance training.  You will need pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.  We offer levels 1 - 6.​​  




Age 6 & up

Tap 1 is the first level of our graded enrichment tap program, followed by ballet 2. Sound patterns, rhythms, percussive beats and fun! This class is dance percussion with the feet and teaches beats, style and musicality. Tap 1 is will start you off on your journey through our graded tap program, which goes up to level 6.  Black tap shoes are required.  


Age 7 & up

Jazz is fun and often fast paced dance style.  Dancers will work on turn, leaps, jumps, flexibility and fun movements in jazz.  Isolation of body parts and more complex rhythmic patterns are used as dancers progress.  This graded program offers 6 levels to progress through.  

Pom & Dance

Age 7 & up

Pom and dance is a fun class with jazz techniques using poms.  Dancers will work on turns, leaps, jumps and flexibility.  This style dance incorporates precision.  It is fun and typically done to upbeat music. Dancers will need black slip on jazz shoes.


Age 7 & up

Our Acrobatics is a tumbling program with a mix of dance meshed in.  We work on balance, strength and flexibility.   Acrobatics is artistic tumbling, contortion, dance moves and control.  We will work on rolls, back bends, cartwheels and flips.  Dancers in Acrobatics will tumble with bare feet.

Lyrical & Contemporary

Age 7 & up

Lyrical is a beautiful dance style that tells the story of the music.  It incorporates the stylings of ballet and jazz.  Dancers will work on their dance lines, turns, leaps and flexibility.  Usually lyrical is done to pretty music that has a storyline.  Contemporary dance is slightly different, blending the stylings of jazz, lyrical and modern.  This style is a little more abstract.  Dancers will need foot Undeez for their feet.

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