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CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to Footworks Dance Company’s Competition Troupes and Companies. 

We are very proud of each of you, and we are super excited to work with everyone in the upcoming dance season. You will be an amazing asset to our team. 

Most classes will begin choreography in September, after regular fall classes begin. Some select classes may begin in August.  Watch for emails.

Team placements are final.  As you participate in summer classes, our team of instructors will continue to monitor everyone’s accomplishments.  We have a great group of dancers and instructors, and all of our teams are designed for each dancers best training, interest and progress. 

Our fall schedule will be finalized sometime in July, after we receive your final registrations.  At this time, you should plan that your company group classes will fall on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between the times of 4:15 and 9:55 pm.  Further, later class times are reserved for older competition groups, solos and duets, we will try to have our younger kiddos (age 9 & under) done before 8:15 pm.  

  • Competition Dancers are required to take at least 1 summer class or camp.  If you have not registered for a class yet,  please register NOW.

  • ALL team dancers will take at least 1 ballet class.  Please select your ballet class. 

  • All dancers age 8 & up are recommended to take a technique class, however, FDC ELITE dancers are required to take a technique class.  Register for technique at this time. 

  • For dancers who were selected for a solo or duet, please confirm your registration.  We have a few duet/trio requests that we have not been able to accommodate at this time, but we will let you know if anything changes.  Our solo and duet times are very limited this season.  If you were offered a solo or duet, register in the portal at this time.  If you would still like to be considered for a solo if a spot opens, please apply for the waiting list.  

  • Twinkler Troupe competition groups will be tap and lyrical.  Starz dancers will all be part of a lyrical company.  Select Starz dancers may be offered additional teams in:  jazz, hip hop, tap or modern.  Elite Gold dancers will take Gold Co, Lyrical Co, Jazz Co along with 1 - 4 additional company classes (Tap, modern, hip hop and/or pointe/pre-pointe).  Elite Platinum dancers will take Platinum Co, Lyrical Co, Jazz Co along with 2 - 4 additional company classes (tap, modern, hip hop, pre-pointe/pointe). 

Now that you are accepted on a FDC competition company or troupe, what should you do next? 

  1. Read the policies and etiquette. When you register for a company/team at Footworks, you are accepting the studio policies, team contracts and guidelines for the season, from August 2024 to July 2025. Here is the link to our policies and contracts: 7a56be0b15.pdf
    Please read the individual team requirements, as well. 

  2. Return any requested information by June 25 or within 10 days of team acceptance. 

  3. SUMMER: make sure you have registered for a summer class or camp.

  4. A $30 registration fee, or $40 per family registration fee, is due upon registration. Once you have registered, this will be charged automatically to the card on file, in the coming weeks, if you have not done so on your own. A $75 tuition deposit is also due at this time. This deposit will be applied to your last tuition payment due.  Please see more on this deposit in your competition information packet. If you have not done so by June 25 on your own, this fee will automatically be charged to your account in the coming weeks.

  5. Tuition Payments: Summer class/camp fees will be due at registration. Fall Tuition will be September 1 in accordance with your payment option choice.  If you would like to pay in full, pay the full amount on or before Sept 1.  If you wish to pay by the semester, make a semester payment on or before September 1.  If you do not make your desired tuition payment option on or before September 1, we will consider you a monthly payer and will automatically charge the card on file for a monthly payment between September 2 and September 15. After September, you can plan that automatic monthly payment will be charged during the first week of each month.   Please note that auto payments are subject to an additional service charge and are included in your tuition chart already.

  6. Costume fees will be due in September and prices range from $69 - $125 per class (average prices are between $85 and $95 for competition classes).  Please make your payment on or before September 30, otherwise we will automatically charge the card on file in early October.  We also offer a 2 payments option for costumes this season for competition group dances - automatically charged on  (Sept 15 and Oct 15) if you select the 2 pay option (a service charge of $5 applies). Choices:   1-pay due Sept 30 or 2 pay auto pay- due Sept 15 and Oct 15.   

  7. Competition fees will be due in full for the competition in 45 – 75 days in advance .  We will be offering a group competition fee monthly auto payment option for dancers.  If you so choose, we will automatically charge the card on file for your group dances between the months of September and February, during the first week of the month (6 months)(a $10 service charge applies).  The amount is still being determined based on our final competition schedule and fees. We will estimate fees for the first 5 payments and the 6th payment will be the balance remaining.   Fees generally range from $65 - $90 per group dance per competition.  If you do not choose the monthly option, please watch for the due dates and pay in a timely manner, as we cannot register you without payment.  Solo and duet competition fees will  be due within the 45 -75 day time frame, when you register in your portals.  Most competitions charge a media fee and you will receive photos and videos.   Please note:  media fees, solos and duets are not offered for competition fee auto payments and must be paid separately.  

  8. Once we receive everyone’s class/team selections, we will work on the final schedule. Watch for this schedule to come later this summer. We cannot guarantee schedule requests, but if you have any scheduling requests, please submit them at this time.  We will make our best effort.  (for example:  no classes on Wednesday due to religion).  











Any competition dancer who pays a $300 or more tuition deposit, on or before June 25,  will receive a $30 tuition credit.


Any competition dancer who makes a $650 or more deposit on or before June 25 will receive a a free costume (up to $89 in value) along with a $30 tuition credit.


Any competition dancer who makes a $1000 or more deposit on or before June 25 will receive a $40 certificate for merchandise  (along with the $30 tuition credit and the free costume)

We also offer EARLY BIRD SPECIALS on the unlimited tuition option.  Unlimited tuition includes all group classes (7 REQUIRED, SOLO/DUETS are billed separately).  Unlimited specials for:  Pay in full tuition, Pay a semester payment or Pay your first monthly payment by July 10, and receive a special rate for the season with great savings.



Below you will find your teams.


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