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Footworks instructors & staff hold themselves  to a higher standard, with a main mission of youth protection and dance instruction excellence. Our teachers receive FDC training each season on youth protection & teaching practices. We aim to create an environment focused on the well-being of kids - mind, body and soul - backed by proven research.  We want to serve as role models and protectors of "ALL" youth in our communities.  We want to continue to educate and guide others in the best practices to serve the youth in our communities.

Footworks believes in the strength and power of the dancer.  It is never too early or late to help a dancer find their dancer powers.    Dancers are artists, athletes, scholars, philosophers, mentors & leaders.  We support dancers in being lifetime learners and leaders in all areas of their lives and support giving back to the community. Dancers learn skills to lead the next generation!  Dancers learn skills to support their body, mind and soul.  We wish dancers to live with passion and purpose beyond the dance floor.   FDC Dance is:  Dance and beyond!  

Footworks is a "dance family".  We were built on the core values of family, encouragement, discipline and love.  We are your 2nd home, where we build artists and leaders through dance.  We aim to teach dancers great technique and so much more!   We wish our dancers to live their lives with purpose and passion that reaches far beyond the dance floor!

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