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Ages 6 - 19

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Ages 2 - 6



Ages 5 - 19

Dance & Beyond

With technique and artistry, FOOTWORKS DANCE COMPANY extends far beyond dance training.  We strive to create self-confident, responsible, compassionate, creative and intelligent dance artists, who will become the leaders of tomorrow. We are proud to provide age-appropriate development, learning and social interactions with friends, along with encouragement from highly trained instructors. Dancers will gain exceptional dance training, along with life skills that will last a lifetime.

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From the Director:

"Our national award-winning studio believes in building character and confidence first.  No trophy or accolade can replace the true value in creating dancers ready to take on the world.  Our goal is to build a dancer far beyond athleticism, to one filled with creativity, confidence, compassion, intelligence, mindfulness and artistic freedom. Our program builds artists AND leaders through dance, with the abilities to change lives, create, imagine, choreograph and lead the next generation, in whatever career avenue or life's work they choose to pursue beyond their time at FDC. We are proud to support a healthy body, mind and soul for a lifetime. Footworks is about dance and far beyond. "

                                                                                         Kim Mader, Footworks Owner & Director

728 Schelfhout Ln, Kimberly, WI  54136
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